751st MSG: Lincoln's Raiders



Officer in Charge

A little information about me.

For SFI: I have been a member of fleet, another term we use to talk about SFI, since 1997. I took my first academy course in 2000, which was the Officer’s Training School (OTS); and I took my first marine academy course in 2002. To date I have completed 89 STARFLEET Academy [SFA] courses and 64 Starfleet Marine Corps Academy [SFMCA] courses; which has earned me three Boothby Awards. I have served in many different capacities, from working with regional staff, to diplomatic relations, working with the academy as a director, writing sections of fleet related manuals, to assisting in hosting functions and talks for fleet and the corps, and served as Executive Officer [XO] and Commanding Officer [CO] of chapters. I was last promoted to the rank of Brigadier in 2002.

I was introduced to Star Trek through my mother, who watched the series as it had originally aired, of course for me it was in syndication status. Therefore I grew up on the universe and its concepts. Science fiction was my calling as I made my way from young boy to teen and eventually to adult. When a friend of mine introduced me to SFI, having heard of fan organizations like it, I joined. I briefly left in the mid-nineties, but return and never left again. The one aspect of the organization I like is meeting the people; rather they are new or old. I have made many friends simply by being a member of fleet and for me that alone is the richest part of being a member.

Kyle J. Wolf Sr.
751st Officer in Charge
Senior MECHA Research and Development Specialist (SMRNDS)
Mechsign: Grey Wolf
USS Abraham Lincoln NCC 71809 – Region 7 – STARFLEET, Int.
751st MSG: Lincoln’s Raiders – 5th Battalion, 7th Brigade, 1st Division – SFMC

Deputy Officer in Charge

Unit NCO




Cadet Leader