The Command Department is in charge of the entire ship. All mission objectives are dictated through the Command staff. The Command staff consists of: the Captain, the Executive Officer, the Second Officer, and the Operations Chief.


Executive Officer

Greetings and Welcome All Follow Fans,

I bring over nineteen years of Star Trek fandom to the chapter. Growing up on the reruns of the Original Series, watching it with my mother, I fell in love with the science fiction universe of Gene Roddenberry. When The Next Generation came out, I was able to relive my childhood and live through the experience of a running series, similar in fashion to when the Original Series came out. Working with the chapter's Command Staff I plan to shoot for the stars and help bring the chapter into the future.


Brigadier Kyle J. Wolf Sr.
Executive Officer USS Abraham Lincoln NCC 71809
751st MSG: Lincoln's Raiders Deputy Officer in Charge

Marine Strike Group