USS Abraham Lincoln NCC 71809

Version 1.0


The first upgrade to the Galaxy class space from begins; the new frame will be classified as the Galaxy II class space frame.


Starfleet engineers and computer technicians create bio-neural gel pack technology. They are first tested with the Intrepid class project.


Starfleet engineers create ablative hull plating. It is first tested with the Defiant class project.


The last known conflict with the Borg occurred when the crew of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E destroyed a Borg Cube in Earth orbit and travel back in time to prevent the assimilation of the Earth by the Borg Queen.

The Federation Council officially declares war with the Delta Quadrant Dominion for invasion of the Federation and the Alpha Quadrant. The Dominion War begins its two year conflict.


The Dominion War comes to end. The resources of the various Alpha Quadrant space-governments have been depleted by the war. The Federation Council begins to hold meetings to help address the recovery issues of the many members that were affected. The Federation does not want to become involved in another war, yet they secretly fear with their depleted resources that a hostile invasion is coming. The Federation begins to build more upon the defensive capabilities of their fleet and call more heavily upon the marines.


The USS Voyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant from the Delta Quadrant. The Voyager returns to Starfleet Engineering for analysis and reverse engineering of her systems. It is learned that while the Federation considered the Borg threat to have been eliminated when the Borg Queen was killed aboard the USS Enterprise E, that the Borg had survived the encounter. The crew of the USS Voyager reported the release of a neurolytic pathogen into the Collective. It was believed by the crew that this pathogen would greatly affect the Borg, possibly eliminate the threat. But, as with the death of the Borg Queen the actual truth of the threat remains unknown.

One of the technologies acquired from the reverse engineering of the USS Voyager is the ablative generator; a type of morphic armor shielding that encapsulates a ship for protection.

A Galaxy-II Class space frame begins construction at the Utopia Planitia Ship Yards. Even though the Galaxy space frame is now considered out dated with the construction of the Sovereign Class space frame (launched in 2372), yet with the loses suffered between the Borg Invasion and the Dominion War Starfleet had to use what resources were left to them. The Galaxy-II Class frame is an upgrade from the original frame and includes fixes in the design flaws of the frame, which includes the flaw with the warp core breaching. In addition the frame incorporates the ablative hull plating from the Defiant class project, the ablative generators (armor-shielding) from the USS Voyager, and the bio-neural gel packs from the Intrepid class project. This frame will become the USS Abraham Lincoln NCC 71809.


The USS Sun Tzu is nearly destroyed while investigating the disappearance of the freighter Kolman near the Bolson III system. The USS Explorer and Glenfinnen come to the aid of the USS Sun Tzu. Due to the amount of damage sustained the USS Sun Tzu is decommissioned. It is believed that the Kolman was destroyed by the same people who had attacked the USS Sun Tzu. It will be learned a year later that the name of the people who committed these acts are called the Nne’zer.

The USS Glenfinnen is lost due to a warp core failure while attempting to help with the rescue attempt of the USS Sun Tzu crew.


Official contact with the Nne’zer is made. The meeting nearly culminates in the destruction of the USS Krystouff. The Federation Council not wanting to enter into another conflict declare the section of space as off limits until further notice and send in one ship for intelligence gathering and attempt peaceful resolution between the Nne’zer Sovereignty and the Federation. With the council wanting to avoid a conflict they release control over the area that the Nne’zer have taken over, a decision that does not sit well with some people; a similar situation happened between the Cardassian Union that created the Demilitarized Zone. The USS Dragon Star is assigned to the area of space that boarders the Federation with the Nne’zer. A large number of the surviving crew from the USS Sun Tzu is serving aboard the USS Dragon Star. It is confirmed that the Nne’zer do not show up as biological life-forms when scanned, making it hard to detect them with life sensors.

Warp engine test begin as engineers have to fine tune the warp field of the tri-nacelle design with the Galaxy space frame. Energy distribution is an initial problem, which eventually the engineers are able to adjust.


The USS Abraham Lincoln NCC 71809 leaves the Utopia Planitia Ship Yards on a one year trail mission to test the space frame and her systems. Any final adjustments are made while on the mission. Captain Shikowitz is promoted to the position of commanding officer of the USS Abraham Lincoln.


Relations with the Nne’zer have nearly failed and an aggressive maneuver by the Nne’zer nearly destroys the USS Dragon Star, which was assigned to patrol the border of Nne’zer and Federation space. The USS Dragon Star is recalled for repairs. A heated cold war begins between the Nne’zer and the Federation. The area of space where the Nne’zer now inhabits is called the Maelstrom.

The USS Abraham Lincoln completes her one-year shack down cruise and returns to dock for final repairs and upgrades. Upon completion of the final upgrades the USS Abraham Lincoln is launched on a three year voyage.


All relations with the Nne’zer Sovereignty fail as the Nne’zer appear to declare war on the Federation. The Federation Council does not officially declare war, hoping to still avoid the coming conflict. A defensive posture is assumed and assignment of ships and troops is granted by council decree.

After the ship’s first tour of duty the USS Abraham Lincoln is assigned her next tour. The USS Abraham Lincoln, still under the command of Captain Shikowitz, is assigned to the Maelstrom. The 751st Marine Strike Group MECHA Company, Lincoln’s Raiders, is assigned as the ship’s marines. Captain (marine) Worth is promoted to company commander as the OIC. Brigadier Wolf, formerly of the 755st “Leaping Lizards” that was assigned to the USS Dragon Star joins the company along with his team. Members from the crews of the USS Sun Tzu, USS Glenfinnen, and the USS Dragon Star comprise the crew of the USS Abraham Lincoln.

[Writer’s Note: this year corresponds with the actual year of 2013.]